Friday 18 June 2021

UFU MPI: 32.28ppl (was 32.37ppl) – Dutch butter prices slipped over the last two weeks, but this has been countered by small gains in other dairy commodity markets. Markets are generally quiet, and this was seen in New Zealand where their all product GDT index slipped by one-point-three percent this week with minor up and downs in dairy product prices.

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Friday 4 June 2021

UFU MPI: 32.37ppl (up from 32.25ppl) – Dairy commodity markets stable. Latest auction in New Zealand had whole milk powder prices down nought-point-five percent at $4,062/tonne and this was balanced by cheddar cheese rising nought-point-five percent to $4,324/tonne. Meanwhile, Dutch Dairy Board/ZuivelNL saw butter up €30 to €4,150/tonne and whey powder up €10 to €1,040/tonne. Whole milk powder unchanged at €3,210/tonne and semi milk powder (food) steady at €2,630/tonne. MPI now above 30ppl for the last nine consecutive calculations, since early February 2021.

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Friday 21 May 2021

UFU MPI: 32.25ppl (was 32.30ppl): Positive returns in Dutch dairy commodity prices continued this week with increases across all key products. Gains in commodity prices tempered by the strength of sterling, but MPI has been consecutively greater than 30ppl since 5 February 2021 – a trend we have not seen since 2017 and reflective of the strength in dairy commodity markets which is significant during this point in the year in terms of milk production.

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Friday 7 May 2021

UFU MPI: 32.30ppl (was 32.19ppl) – Notably the last seven calculations of the MPI have been above 30ppl. GDT all-product index in New Zealand slipped nought-point-seven percent this week, yet Whole Milk Powder rose nought-point-seven percent to US$4,115/tonne. ZuivelNL in Netherland increased three of their official dairy commodity prices, both food and feed Skimmed Milk Powder are up €30 to €2,540/t (second consecutive week of parity for the two grades) and whey powder is up €10 to €1,020/t. UK butter price currently £3,400/tonne.

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