Hill Farming

Alastair Armstrong

Committee Chair

Clement Lynch

Vice Chair

Kellie Rouse

Policy Officer

Current issues the committee is considering:
  • Areas of Natural Constraint Scheme
  • Brexit – developing policies on future trade arrangements and agricultural support mechanisms
  • Representing farmers views with processors and retailers
  • Animal health – primarily in relation to bovine TB and BVD eradication
  • Supporting an NI livestock genomics programme
  • NI Marketing body
  • Seeking flexibility on regulatory controls for cattle and sheep
  • Beef and lamb promotion
  • Agri-environment schemes
  • Farm Business Capital Investment Scheme
  • Designated Sites
  • Wildfires stakeholder group
  • Forestry Service land management
  • Beef and lamb promotion
  • EU Exceptional Aid Package
  • Providing representation on the NI Farm Quality Assurance Board