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  • Designed for those who live in a rural community
  • Rural dwellers will be able to help the UFU shape policy for rural towns and villages
  • Avail of special UFU discounts
  • Join the UFU exclusive Facebook group for members only
  • Will receive the weekly UFU e-bulletin
  • Weekly updates on UFU lobbying activity through our bulletin
  • Discounted ferry travel through P&O/Travel Solutions
  • Various discounts through Membership Plus

Rural Dweller membership celebrates all that is great about Northern Ireland’s countryside, from its beautiful landscapes to farmers that bring us our food. This membership category is specifically designed for the rural community and those who have a vested interest in the rural economy and wish to support the Ulster Farmers’ Union in the work we do in shaping policy for rural towns and villages.  This membership would also suit those who no longer actively farm, but would still like to be involved and be kept informed on Union activity.

Rural dwellers face numerous challenges impacting on the quality of people’s lives and the sustainability of rural communities.  The UFU supports the development of training and other resources to enhance good practice in relation to rural community development.  Membership of the UFU ensures you are part of a strong rural voice, with over 11,500 members across the province all working towards rural strength.

Your membership fee will go towards helping our rural affairs committee lobby on your behalf on issues such as rural education, health and transport.

Ulster Farmers Union

For anyone farming or involved in anyway within our agricultural industry, membership of the UFU is a no brainer! The benefits of being a member are countless, not only in terms of expert.

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