Ulster Farmers Union
Bill Harpur

Committee Chair

Ulster Farmers Union
Ian Buchanan

Vice Chair

Ulster Farmers Union
Aileen Lawson

Senior Policy Officer

Current issues the committee is considering:
  • Climate Change / Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Ammonia Emissions / Planning
  • Nutrients Action Programme
  • Nitrates Derogation
  • Soil Nutrient Health Scheme
  • Future Agricultural Policy – Farming with Nature
  • Carbon Footprinting
  • Biodiversity Strategy
  • Office of Environmental Protection
  • Cross compliance verifiable standards – GAEC and SMRs
  • Issues with NIEA and how they interact with farmers – NIEA / UFU Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Environment cross-compliance inspections
  • Agri-environment schemes
  • Working with other organisations to assist farmers and improve environment
  • Issues around designated sites
  • Water Framework Directive – River Basin Management Plans
  • Issues around IPPC