Cyril Orr

Committee Chair

Ulster Farmers Union
John Oliver

Vice Chair

Chris Osborne

Senior Policy Officer

Latest UFU MPI https://www.ufuni.org/news/ufu-mpi

Latest DAERA data https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/publications/milk-price-and-production-statistics-1997-onwards

Latest AHDB data https://dairy.ahdb.org.uk/

Latest figures from the EU Commission’s Milk Market Observatory (MMO)

Current issues the committee is considering:
  • Mandatory milk contracts in Northern Ireland
  • Constituent pricing of milk in Northern Ireland
  • Dairy policy in post Brexit (including the domestic market for dairy products)
  • Promotion of Northern Ireland dairying
  • Addressing and managing milk price volatility (futures, fixed price contracts, margin protection etc)
  • Analysing energy use on Northern Ireland dairy farms
  • Engage with local dairy discussion groups