Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend

Friday, 2 January, 2015

Updated 13/04/2015

The UFU is responsible for bringing the concept of Open Farm Weekend to Northern Ireland. Inspired by Leaf’s Open Farm Sunday in GB, the aim of the Open Farm Weekend is to reconnect the public with where their food comes from and enable them to meet the farmers and processors who produce it.

How it works

For one weekend in the year (usually in June) real, working farms open their gates to the general public to share their story of producing food. Since 2012 we have welcomed nearly 35,000 people on to farms across Northern Ireland (2012 – over 5,000 people on 12 farms; 2013 – nearly 10,000 people on 18 farms; 2014 – nearly 20,000 on 21 farms). In 2014 a three year deal was agreed with Bank of Ireland to become the main sponsor and rename the event ‘Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend’. In 2015 we hope to increase the number of farms participating in the event and visitors attending. 

If you are interested in taking part or for more information visit the Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend website.