Friday, 22 March, 2019

UFU Latest MPI

Friday 22nd March 2019

UFU MPI: 29.11ppl, up from 28.89ppl. DDB/ZuivelNL WMP prices at €3020/tonne (highest since September 2017) and butter prices also stable at €4070/tonne (unchanged since early March).  Latest GDT event in New Zealand this week saw the Index up 1.9% (8th consecutive rise since November 2018 and up 21.5% since the beginning of 2019). Cheese up 3.9% to $4,036/tonne and WMP up 4% to $3,317/tonne. The continued stability of key dairy commodity products mitigates against the recent strength in Sterling and this is reflected in the rise in the MPI.

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Friday 8th March 2019

UFU MPI: 28.89ppl (up from 28.57ppl) – GDT in New Zealand increased by 3.3%. This was the sixth consecutive increase since November 2018.  WMP index was up 6.0% on an average price of US$3,186/tonne. Cheddar was up 6.0% at $3,888/tonne. In the Netherlands, WMP rose by €50/tonne to €3,000.

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Friday 22nd February 2019

UFU MPI: 28.57ppl (previously 28.65ppl). 0.08ppl fall largely reflected a strengthening in Sterling and slight slip in Dutch butter. In New Zealand, the GDT index rose by 0.9%, with WMP up by 0.3% and SMP was up 2.8%. In the Netherlands, powders also led the way, with WMP up by €50/tonne and SMP up by €40, but butter slipped in price as reflection of the recovery in SMP prices.

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Friday 8th February 2019

UFU MPI: 28.65ppl (up from 27.89ppl).  In New Zealand, the All Price Index increased by 6.7% to $3265, marking the fifth successive rise for the GDT platform and the highest levels reached since July 2018.  Cheddar was up by 1.4% to $3565/tonne and notably WMP rose by 8.4% to $3,027/tonne.  Dutch figures saw WMP increase to €2,900/tonne.  At €1,930/tonne, Dutch SMP up 45% in the last 12 months.

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