Friday, 18 October, 2019

UFU Latest MPI

Friday 18th October 2019

UFU MPI: 28.48ppl – Dairy commodity prices continue to strengthen. For the second week in a row, every dairy commodity in the ZuivelNL Dutch trade increased in value.  However, the strength of sterling has impacted upon the indicator. Sterling has reached a 21-week high against the euro, gaining almost 3.55% since the last MPI calculation a fortnight ago.

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Friday 4th October 2019

UFU MPI: 29.02ppl (up from 28.48ppl) - Latest increase buoyed by further increases in commodity dairy prices. Despite slow butter trade, Dutch prices have risen €100 in the last 4 weeks.  In the last 2 weeks, powder prices have made very good gains, with skimmed up by €110/tonne and WMP up by €40/tonne. Elsewhere cheese prices are moving upwards with positive returns for gouda and mozzarella.

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Friday 20th September 2019

UFU MPI: 28.46ppl – GDT Index in New Zealand rose by 2% and four out of five dairy commodity products rose at ZuivelNL in the Netherlands, with butter up by €30/tonne to €3470 and SMP (Food grade) up by €40/tonne to €2,210.  Further increases in MPI tempered by the recovery in the value of Sterling with the Pound reaching a 6-week against the US Dollar and a similar recovery against the Euro.

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Friday 6th September 2019

UFU MPI: 28.61ppl (was 28.62ppl). Dutch Dairy Board/ZuivelNL saw increases for four out of five products this week, with WMP up €50/tonne, the largest increase in nine months, and butter up for the second consecutive week.  Elsewhere, the latest GDT trading in New Zealand event was down by 0.4%. Significant since product sold was almost 40,000 tonnes, up over 5,000 tonnes on the last event two weeks ago.

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