Friday, 5 July, 2019

UFU latest MPI

UFU MPI: 27.95ppl (was 28.35ppl) – GDT in New Zealand All Product index was down by 0.4% to $3302 but the slip in butter commodity prices continued in European markets, with latest prices €3630/tonne.  Yet there has been positive cream prices in the last few weeks and these have been bucking the butter trend, with prices rising on the back of summer demand.  Otherwise trade is very quiet but cheese prices remain robust.

Friday 21st June 2019

UFU MPI: 28.38ppl (down from 28.97ppl). A week of negative prices for commodity dairy prices. GDT in New Zealand saw the all product index slip by 3.8% and ZuivelNL in the Netherlands saw butter down by €50/tonne and Whole Milk Powder down by a similar amount. Trading is currently quiet, yet positive futures prices are being reported for September.

Friday 7th June 2019

UFU MPI: 28.97ppl (was 29.61ppl) – GDT in New Zealand slipped 3.4% and in Dutch markets butter fell by €100/tonne (UK wholesale currently £3,350/tonne) but food grade SMP was up by €30 to €2,120/tonne, the highest since January 2017.  Butter is the one market showing negatives, but this is the downside of a recovery in SMP prices. Other dairy commodity prices remain stable at good prices.

Friday 24th May 2019

UFU MPI: 29.61ppl - Up from 28.92ppl. Despite a fall in butter price (Dutch butter price down to €4,040/tonne), dairy commodity returns were impacted by the fall in the value of Sterling. Significantly, GDT in New Zealand this week saw cheddar prices increase by 15.2% to a record price $4,851/tonne. The gap in European and Oceania prices now widening on butter and cheese commodity prices.