Friday, 7 August, 2020

UFU Latest MPI

Friday 7 August 2020

UFU MPI: 28.01ppl (was 28.70) – Slight fall in MPI reflecting a 5.1% in this weeks GDT auction in New Zealand, reflecting weaker than expected demand in key Asian markets. ZuivelNL (Dutch Dairy Board) SMP prices slip €50/tonne to €2100 amidst weak trade, yet butter and fats remained unchanged.

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Friday 24 July 2020 

UFU MPI: 28.70ppl (was 28.74ppl) - Index more or less unchanged in the last fortnight reflecting stable commodity dairy markets with traders in holiday mode. Up until now butter saw 12 consecutive weekly increases and cheese remained stable at higher prices despite lockdown uncertainty. Other dairy markets were also producing good returns which means that positive returns should continue to be reflected at the farm gate.

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Friday 10 July 2020 

UFU MPI: 28.74ppl (up from 27.69ppl) – Significantly, New Zealand saw the Fonterra/GDT overall average price index up 8.3% this week, the 4th increase in a row and the largest since November 2016. Whole Milk Powder index was up a whopping 14%, an average price of US$3,208/tonne and Cheddar up 3.3% at $3,762/tonne.  Also, ZuivelNL/DDB saw butter up €180/tonne in the last two weeks.  All eyes will be on how local milk processors react to this continued recovery which is gathering pace and has been ongoing for 2 months.

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Friday 26 June 2020 

UFU MPI: 27.69ppl (up from 27.29ppl) – Latest ZuivelNL results saw butter up €30/tonne to €3150 and whole milk powder up €50/tonne to €2680 (the largest increase for this product since October 2019). All indicating a recovering dairy commodity market on the back of rebounding demand.

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