Friday, 24 May, 2019

UFU Latest MPI

Friday 24th May 2019

UFU MPI: 29.61ppl - Up from 28.92ppl. Despite a fall in butter price (Dutch butter price down to €4,040/tonne), dairy commodity returns were impacted by the fall in the value of Sterling. Significantly, GDT in New Zealand this week saw cheddar prices increase by 15.2% to a record price $4,851/tonne. The gap in European and Oceania prices now widening on butter and cheese commodity prices.

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Friday 10th May 2019

UFU MPI: 28.92ppl – GDT auction all product index in New Zealand up 0.4% to $3.490, despite a miniscule slip in Whole Milk Powder (WMP) and Cheddar prices.  Notably, this was the 11th consecutive increase for the Index since November 2018. Dutch Dairy Board/ZuivelNL saw butter and WMP unchanged, however, SMP rose by €50/tonne, breaching the $2,000/tonne mark for the first time since February 2017.

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Friday 19th April 2019

UFU MPI: 29.15ppl.  GDT in New Zealand up 0.5% to $3,447, the 10th consecutive increase since November 2018. Meanwhile, Dutch ZuivelNL dairy commodity prices all remain unchanged with the exception of feed-grade SMP which rose by €30/tonne to €1,760/tonne. All in all, commodity prices are looking positive as we approach the spring flush.

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Friday 5th April 2019

UFU MPI: 29.07ppl, latest GDT event saw index rise by 0.8% to $3,483, this was the 9th consecutive rise for the platform and significantly butter rose by 5.8% to $5,374/tonne. Rising Oceania butter prices gradually being reflected in European markets with DDB/ZuivelNL seeing butter commodity prices rising over the last weeks.  

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