Friday, 10 September, 2021

Friday 10 September 2021

UFU MPI: 31.87ppl (was 31.01ppl) - Largest MPI increase since 18 February reflecting the improving returns in key dairy commodity prices. Dutch butter has increased to €4030/tonne, and WMP up €100/tonne in the last three weeks to €3180. In terms of wholesale UK prices, traders expecting to start at £3400/tonne for UK butter. GDT in New Zealand saw their all product index increase four percent to $3927, with stronger returns for cheddar and WMP.

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Friday 20 August 2021

UFU MPI: 31.01ppl (up from 30.84ppl) – Positivity has returned to dairy commodity markets, with Dutch butter rising €130/tonne in the last two weeks to €3920, its highest in six weeks and skimmed milk powder up €90/tonne to €2510 over the same period. Optimism heightened by a significant turn in the direction of New Zealand prices, with GDT in New Zealand seeing its first increase since 9 April, with its all price index increasing by nought-point-three percent to US$3,827/tonne.

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Friday 6 August 2021

UFU MPI: 30.84ppl (was 31.44ppl) - Latest GDT auction in New Zealand saw its overall price index down one percent from a fortnight ago. Whilst MPI reflects a weakening in some dairy commodity prices, bulk of market movement attributed to a strengthening of sterling £ in the last two weeks, with the pound rising on the back of improving COVID-19 data. Optimism in Dutch markets where butter rose €40/tonne to €3790 and WMP up €30/tonne to €3090.

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Friday 23 July 2021

UFU MPI: 31.44ppl (was 31.63ppl) – Dairy commodity prices weakened in the last fortnight.  Demand weakened at current prices in Asia on the back of renewed Covid lockdowns and with China appearing to hold back on imports. This was reflected in a two-point-nine percent slip in GDT all product in New Zealand to $3839. Butter and powders have weakened in Dutch commodity markets as the holiday period kicked in for traders. Cheese prices in comparison have remained firm.

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