Friday, 19 February, 2021

Friday 19 February 2021

UFU MPI: 30.20ppl (up from 30.08ppl) – Dairy commodity prices have again strengthened over the last two weeks. New Zealand saw the average GDT index up by three percent. Notably the GDT Index has averaged a sever year high and its tenth rise in the last 11 trading events.  Every dairy product rose in the Netherlands this week at DDB/ZuiveNL, with butter up by €100 in the last fortnight and WMP up by €40/tonne in the same period. This has been reflected in UK prices, with butter now between £3,100 and £3,200/tonne and cheese prices remain firm at decent prices, buoyed by high retail demand.

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Friday 5 February 2021

UFU MPI: 30.08ppl (up from 29.57ppl): The fourth successive rise in the UFU MPI reflects the continued rise in dairy commodity prices. Positive returns seen in UK dairy commodities with butter up by £100 to £3100/tonne this week.  Elsewhere, European butter up by €150/tonne in the last two weeks and whey powder reaching the highest level since June 2017. Strength in whey demand reflective of drive for protein in the Chinese pig industry. 

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Friday 22 January 2021

UFU MPI: 29.57ppl (up from 29.03ppl) – Dairy commodity prices have strengthened again in the last two weeks, with butter markets coming back to life.  DDB/ZuivelNL seeing a rise of €100/tonne in the last fortnight.  Whey powder has increased €80/tonne, spurred by the Chinese demand for protein in their pig sector as well as increases for skimmed milk powder. This is also reflected in New Zealand which saw the GDT index for all products increasing by four-point-three percent to €3,593.

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Friday 8 January 2021

UFU MPI: 29.03ppl (up from 28.99ppl on 18 December 2020) – The New Year has seen a raft of positive returns for global dairy commodity prices. The New Zealand GDT auction saw the overall index up 3.9%. The WMP index was up 3.1%, with Cheddar cheese was up 5.0% at $4,078/tonne. The Dutch Dairy Board/ZuivelNL increased three of five of their official dairy commodity prices, with SMP (food grade) up €10 to €2,220/tonne and whey powder is up €20 to €810/tonne (the highest for 11 months). Official butter price unchanged at €3,250/tonne and WMP price remained at €2,760/tonne.

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