Friday, 10 January, 2020

UFU Latest MPI

Friday 10th January 2020

UFU MPI: 29.51ppl (was 29.49ppl) - GDT auction in New Zealand opened 2020 up 2.8%, with WMP up 1.7% to $3,150/tonne and Cheddar rose 3.7% at $4,015/tonne. A total 33,050t of product was sold, 15.3% increase on 12 months ago. In the Netherlands, DDB/ZuivelNL cut three of their official dairy commodity prices. Butter slipped €40 to €3,550/tonne, WMP down €30 to €3,100/t and SMP (feed grade) down €20 to €2,460/tonne, reflecting the fall seen in NZ just before Christmas.

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Friday 20th December 2019

UFU MPI: 29.49ppl (was 30.05ppl) - GDT all product in New Zealand slipped 5.1% however, all Dutch dairy commodity prices remained unchanged. Surge in value of sterling following general election impacted too. UFU MPI has risen 7.24% since start of 2019, and yet the base milk price paid by local processors has fallen 7.61%.

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Friday 6th December 2019

UFU MPI: 30.05ppl (was 29.80ppl) - €30/tonne increase for both whole (WMP) and skimmed milk powders (SMP) in the Netherlands and also gains for the same products at the GDT event in New Zealand. UFU MPI at its highest since October 2017 and this despite pound sterling reaching a 31-month high against euro and its highest level against the US dollar for over six months.

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Friday 22nd November 2019

UFU MPI: 29.80ppl (up from 28.94ppl): GDT in New Zealand this week up by 1.8%, the fifth consecutive increase in the all product index.  Closer to home, SMP continues to rise, with both feed and food grades up by €40/tonne. This is having a positive impact upon mozzarella prices.

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