UFU welcomes flood prevention work at Drumbee Bog but long term solution needed

The Ulster Farmers’ Union has welcomed Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill’s announcement that she has approved flood prevention works at the Drumbee Bog area of Armagh, however, a long term solution is needed to address this issue.

UFU Deputy President Ian Marshall said; “A number of our members have been seriously affected by the flooding at Drumbee Bog, to the point where it is having a detrimental impact on their farm businesses and homes. The situation has now become a significant health and safety concern and could also soon impact on animal welfare. I am pleased to hear that flood prevention work is being carried out; however, this is a reoccurring issue and I want to see a long term solution. The various agencies involved need to be working together to address this issue and not passing it between them. People’s homes and businesses are being damaged and the length of time it has taken for the flooding to be addressed is unacceptable.

“Earlier this week DRD Minister Danny Kennedy asked to convene an urgent meeting with DARD, Northern Ireland Water and the Rivers Agency with regards to the Drumbee Bog flooding and my hope is that these agencies will now recognise the seriousness of the situation and will work together urgently to rectify it.

“I’d like also to acknowledge the staff at the UFU Armagh group office who have been working tirelessly to support our members affected by the flooding and have been continually pushing to see this issue resolved.”