UFU milk price index

Wed 12 Feb 2020 – Dairy cattle at Greenmount. Picture: Cliff Donaldson

Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) milk price index (MPI): 35.04ppl (was 34.21ppl) – This week, all focus on cheese. In New Zealand, GDT Price Index up 1.6%, with cheddar up 9.7%. This exactly cancels out the 9.7% drop seen two weeks ago. Closer to home, UK mild cheddar up £200/tonne last week, with trades at £3,500. This is on the back of very tight EU supplies, good demand for curd and a very healthy gouda price.  UK traders are already quoting +£3,500/tonne for mild cheddar Q1 2024, with curd is also at a minimum of £3500, which would ordinarily value mild cheddar at £3650.

Please note, UFU MPI will not be published again until 6 January 2024.