UFU Encouraged By Scientific Advancement on Cattle and Badgers TB Transmission

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is encouraged by the results of a recent study carried out by AFBI and Glasgow University which shows the first direct evidence of ongoing TB transmission between cattle and badgers.

The new study tracked the transmission of bovine TB using genetic sequencing technology, it not only allows the spread of this disease to be better understood but also provides new evidence of the close relationship between bovine TB infections in cattle and badgers at farm level.

UFU President Harry Sinclair said, “The UFU has always held the view that the eradication of TB from the countryside can only be achieved by addressing the problem in both cattle and the reservoir in wildlife.  This study strengthens the view of the UFU and provides scientific evidence to support the argument. 

Mr Sinclair added; “The UFU is totally committed to achieving the eradication of TB in Northern Ireland and we hope that DARD and other stakeholders will take this new information on board to formulate a successful policy to achieve this.  We all want to work towards achieving a healthy farm livestock and wildlife population”.