UFU welcomes EU funding secured for local Dairy Industry

Thursday, 6 November, 2014

Ulster Farmers’ Union Dairy Chairman Jonathan Moore has welcomed the news that the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland has secured two EU contracts, one supporting dairy exports to Third Country markets and the second for the promotion of cheese in Northern Ireland.  Each programme will run for three years and will have a combined value of just over €1 million (£790,000), 50% of which will be funded by the EU.  

Jonathan Moore said: “This announcement and the proactive approach being taken by the Dairy Council is good news for Northern Ireland’s dairy industry, particularly as we export such a large percentage of our dairy products to other countries.  The first EU contract for Third Country exports will help us to access and develop new markets while we continue to build upon the existing successful markets which we have already established throughout the world.  This programme will help us export a range of dairy products into countries such as China, Japan, East Asia and the Middle East, giving NI dairy products a much needed boost in sales. In addition, the NI Dairy Council has also secured a programme which will help us to promote our cheese products to consumers at home”. 

Mr Moore concluded: “This announcement could not have come at a more critical time for our industry as we are currently facing a period of dairy commodity price volatility.  Finding new and wider markets for our produce is one way of dealing with such volatility and while we have genuine concerns about the difficulties currently being experienced by many dairy farmers, the underlying growing demand remains and the longer-term prospects are good.”