Quick links to Farm Business Improvement Scheme information

Thursday, 3 November, 2016

The Farm Business Improvement Scheme officially opened this week. If you are interested in the scheme, below are some useful links to help you access information.

FBIS – Tier 1: https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/articles/fbis-capital-scheme-tier-1

PDF list of eligible items: http://bit.ly/2e6AWre

FBIS – Tier 2: https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/articles/fbis-capital-scheme-tier-2

List of ineligible items: https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/articles/fbis-capital-scheme-ineligible-itemsprojects

Frequently asked questions: https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/publications/fbis-capital-scheme-questions-and-answers