Planning for a Future in Dairy Conference - Presentations

Wednesday, 18 October, 2017

The 'Planning for a future in Dairy', Conference was held on the 12 October in the Seagoe Hotel, Portadown. More than one hundred people attended with the conference opening the debate on how the dairy industry could evolve in Northern Ireland to ensure a fair and transparent milk price which supports efficiency and profitability.  The message from the conference was that whilst volatility is here to stay, it may be possible to evolve a payment system where the farmer is paid a price for milk to reflect the amount and value of products that can be made from it. A number of presentations were delivered to the packed house.

To see the presentations in full, click on the links below:-

Chris Osbourne: Future Options for Northern Ireland

Joe Patton: What does efficient look like in practice? 

Laurence Shaloo: Why Ireland changed to pricing on mild solids and how

Ian McCluggage: The changing structure of dairy farming and key factors in a profitable future 

John Bailey: It all starts from the soil

Michael Haverty: The potential implications of Brexit