Mind your Head 2023

The annual Mind Your Head campaign begins on Monday 13 February – Friday 17 February. Charity, The Farm Safety Foundation, are behind the initiative which began in 2018 to draw attention to serious concerns and uncertainty facing the industry in the wake of Brexit. However, no one could have foreseen what lay ahead in the years to come, from a global pandemic to supply chain issues amongst other commodity challenges, and how they would impact the mental health of those living and working in agriculture.

This year’s campaign comes at a time when there is a collective acknowledgement that levels of mental health in the sector are deteriorating. Research of over 900 farmers across the UK reveals that farmers of all ages see mental health as one of the biggest hidden problems in farming.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is once again backing this vital campaign which will:

  • Recognise the current pressures on farmers and how it impacts on their mental health;
  • Continue to break down the stigma attached to poor mental health in the farming sector;
  • Encourage audiences to learn more about their mental health and how to maintain levels of wellbeing;
  • Share evidence, experiences and real stories to illustrate what is being done to address the issue;
  • Highlight the charities and rural support groups who are being relied on to support, and guide those struggling with their mental health.