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As a collective marketing organisation, everything Ulster Wool does is about adding value to our members’ wool.

Our system of collecting, grading and testing wool produced in Northern Ireland adds value by providing a high quality, consistent product to customers. A product we should all be proud of. Promoting your wool in partnership with British Wool is essential if we are to maximise the price of the wool we sell.

Our marketing activities help to create sustainable demand for wool; supporting the manufacturers to make their products and building consumer demand. Members of Ulster Wool play a crucial part in delivering our shared mission.

Where our members wool goes?

Due to the nature and diversity of the wool produced in Northern Ireland it goes into many different products. Different types of wool are best suited to different products as illustrated below.

Ulster Wool works on behalf of it’s members to maximise the returns received for their wool, adding value through grading, and minimising the risk of price volatility by selling wool on behalf of producers at auctions throughout the year.

With approximately 4,000 producers currently registered, day to day operations are run from the grading depot in Muckamore, Co Antrim, with collection centres throughout the Ulster region.

Ulster Wool is involved in all stages of the wool supply chain, and as a member focused organisation, our main objective is to provide a high level of service to wool producers, maximising the value of their wool.

Ulster Wool’s service to the sheep sector includes:

Shearing and wool handling training
As the approved training provider for shearing and wool handling courses, Ulster Wool has a training programme in place to support the next generation of shearers and wool handlers in learning and developing a vital traditional rural skill.

Once the wool has been delivered, every fleece is individually assessed, which determines the grade and quality. Grading every fleece adds value for our producers as this separates the better quality wool from the poorer, with the better quality achieving a higher price.

All wool is independently tested for micron, colour and dry yield (the latter is the weight left after the wool is scoured and washed) before it can be sold at auction. Testing the wool to international standards gives buyers confidence in the high quality of Ulster wool.

The auction system is a tried and tested method of selling products off the farm. Ulster wool is sold across 18 auctions throughout the year, which enables us to feed wool onto the market in a controlled way to maximise its value and reduce the risk around price volatility in the global market.

Marketing & promotion
Increasing demand for Ulster wool secures the long term future of the fibre. As an organisation, Ulster Wool works collaboratively with manufacturers and retailers to raise consumer awareness of the unique characteristics, benefits and features of wool.

There is no joining fee to become a member of Ulster Wool, it is completely free of charge. Farmers can sign up on our website: www.ulsterwool.com/join-ulster-wool. Once a new membership has been completed, a welcome pack will be sent that contains vouchers and offers.

Farmers can deliver their wool to any of our drop-off locations, this is also free of charge. Our grading depot is open all year round, a depot network locator can be found here where it will search for the closest drop-off to farmers postcode: www.ulsterwool.com/ulster-depot-network. Most drop-off’s are open at certain times of the year so it’s worth checking beforehand.


Address: 20 Tirgracy Road, Muckamore, Antrim, BT41 4PS

Tel: 029 9446 2131

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