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With so much to enjoy in life, protecting your future health is crucial, but keeping track of your health isn’t always easy to do. Faced with time pressures across a busy work and social life, it can become all too easy to let your health slide. As the UKs largest healthcare diagnostics company, Randox Health are passionate about empowering you to take control of your health and really understand what is going on with your body to help prevent future illness.

Track your health data

One of the most reliable ways to maximise your health is to monitor it. A proactive approach to your health can help to alert any potential changes allowing you to take preventative action. Randox Health’s comprehensive Everyman | Everywoman full body health check includes two full health checks in one year to help you track and improve your health data. Measure up to 150 data points across key health areas including heart, hormone, digestive, and kidney health to gain unrivalled insights on your current health status and future health risks, empowering you to help protect your future health. A personalised health report provides a breakdown of your results in a traffic-light system, what they mean, and the next steps for you.

Act today to help protect your future health. Book online at randoxhealth.com and use code UFUMEMBER for 12% off all in-clinic checks.

Visit Randox Health in Belfast, Crumlin, Derry/Londonderry, and Holywood.

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