Hinch Distillery

Hinch Distillery is nestled within the expansive grounds of the Killaney Estate. The distillery itself unfolds over an impressive 45,000 square feet and stands as a beacon of thoughtfully designed craftsmanship and innovation in Ireland. The distillery is outfitted with three copper pot stills and a gin still, highlighting its versatility and dedication to quality spirit production. Additionally, a state-of-the-art bottling line and an extensive exterior tank farm further establish its reputation as one of the most remarkable distilling facilities in the country.

The team at Hinch is relentlessly pursuing excellence in wood maturation, constantly exploring how new types of casks can enhance the whiskey experience. This innovative spirit is at the heart of what makes Hinch spirits a beacon for the future, promising an ever-evolving journey into the art of whiskey.

Sustainability is a core principle that guides every action at Hinch Distillery. With a dedicated team leading the charge, Hinch is committed to being ever-more sustainable. This commitment permeates every facet of their operations, from the sourcing of grains for their whiskey to the final packaging of their products. They are driven by a desire to make responsible choices that benefit not only their business but also have a positive impact on the environment and the communities around them.

In essence, Hinch Distillery is not just creating spirits; it is forging a legacy of innovation, quality, and sustainability that aims to inspire for generations to come.

Hinch Irish Whiskey

Hinch has masterfully crafted a lineup that transcends the mere act of sipping a liquid, inviting people into an experience that evokes a profound feeling, a lasting rush, a sensation that endures. In this light, Hinch is more than just whiskey; it’s a conduit of time itself – a liquid journey that transports you from the echoes of the past, straight into the heart of what’s exceptional in the present.

The appeal of Hinch is not confined by age, sex, or income. Instead, it resonates with those who find beauty in the minutiae of life, individuals who navigate the world with a keen eye for art, architecture, food, drink, and fashion. These are people who deliberate over their choices, possessing the confidence to venture beyond the conventional in their search for something truly unique. This discerning nature and adventurous spirit make them invaluable allies for Hinch, aligning perfectly with the brand’s ethos of excellence and innovation.

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The Legacy Cask Programme
Share the Legacy SAVOUR THE RETURN.

In the story of Irish Whiskey, Hinch Distillery is taking the lead in the latest, most exciting chapter. This is your chance to play a role in shaping the narrative, in leaving something incredible for the future.

It costs just £4950 to own a cask and let it mature in the sophisticated surroundings of Hinch Distillery. Then, we let time take its course, helping the spirit and the casks to create your Hinch Future Perfect.

“Let’s build the best distillery. Let’s make the best spirit. Let’s leave a legacy.” Dr. Terry Cross OBE – Founder of Hinch Distillery.


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