Flogas, a DCC Business, is a leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Natural Gas in Northern Ireland.  Managed on an all-Ireland basis through Flogas Ireland,  the company services a diverse range of market sectors and applications including the industrial, commercial, domestic, catering, agricultural and automotive markets.  Our vision is to be Ireland’s leading provider of total energy solutions to meet customers changing requirements, delivered to the highest possible standards.

No matter the location, Flogas can provide versatile and reliable LPG for your rural home and farm, whether for dairy, poultry or grain drying requirements that is secure and safe from theft.

Switching to the Flogas instant hot water system has transformed operations for many dairy farms, with on demand hot water from 37°C to 85°C,  increasing milk quality and reducing TBCs and Thermoduric bacteria. There’s no more hot water storage costs, a reduced carbon footprint, and a constant supply of instant hot water,  ideal for use with chlorine free detergents.

Flogas can provide controllable power for mobile and fixed grain dryers, with maximum drying abilities for all types of grain with lower running costs for the short but intensive grain drying season.

During the rearing season when it is important that birds and livestock have constant heat to thrive on,  Flogas can deliver the perfect solution as well as on demand warm water to clean and disinfect poultry houses and incubators. There is also no risk of fuel spillages.

For your home, LPG is a cleaner, more affordable fuel that is free from theft.  Flogas brand ambassador Rory Best has already made the switch: “Switching from oil to Flogas only took two days and there was no disruption to our everyday lives. The family love it because the rooms heat up fast and we are never waiting for hot water.”  Brian Dooher, joint manager of the Tyrone GAA team has also made the switch to Flogas LPG.

Current Offers:
  • Flogas are offering a special two-year fixed rate price for new dairy farms switching from electric to LPG.
  • New home heating LPG customers get a free LPG Boiler when switching their home from oil to LPG or building a new home.
  • Flogas are also offering a special two-year fixed rate price for new LPG home heat customers.

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