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At Danske Bank we know that a viable and sustainable agricultural industry is vital to the economic success of Northern Ireland and to the survival of rural communities.

Climate change, rising costs, income pressures, pending policy changes to TB to name but a few – the list of challenges faced by farm businesses at times seems never-ending.  Advice and support are vital in being able to navigate through everyday operations on farm. One of the biggest factors in decision making is finance, and at Danske Bank we are here to help.

We’ve been at the heart of local business and communities for 200 years and have hands-on knowledge and expertise of the local NI marketplace.

Our team of specialist Agribusiness Managers and Advisors are located throughout Northern Ireland and are committed to nurturing long term relationships and provide financial support and guidance to assist the performance and future of farm businesses.

Looking to the future we are keen to help identify and support opportunities for businesses that have a progressive outlook to the future of farming. We have a dedicated Agri Sustainability Manager locally, Paul Clingan, who works with the industry and the team to help develop the best support mechanisms to assist our customers.

In early 2023 we launched a £35m Agri Sustainability fund to provide finance to farms that have been involved in early adoption of renewable energy as well as those looking forward to transition projects that will improve the efficiency of their business.

Whether it’s large scale projects, cashflow support or more straightforward asset financing needs, we would like to talk.

For further details please visit our dedicated Agribusiness page at Agribusiness Team | Business Advisers | Danske Bank and contact one of our team.

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