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Aphaeas Agriculture Limited is an appointed agent for Humintech GmbH and distributor in the UK and Ireland for their range of bio-stimulants and soil conditioners. A world leader in humic acid technology, the products are manufactured in Germany and imported direct from the factory. All products are fully compliant with the latest fertiliser legislation and meet the highest regulatory standards.

Judicious use of high quality humic and fulvic acids enables farmers to cut inputs substantially, improve the quality and yields of their crops and forage and, most importantly, improve profitability.  Not only that, but soil health is restored and livestock health improved. There is a sustained drive from governments to improve the agricultural environment and use of Powhumus®, the main on-farm product, enables farmers to implement important changes in their farming systems, while allowing them to farm in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.

Susan Wilson, who holds a B.Sc. in Soil Science from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, is the owner of Aphaeas Agriculture and as a FACTS Qualified Advisor, is fully qualified to advise on crop nutrition and advise on the correct protocol for use.

Farmers be they livestock, dairy or arable, all benefit from using humates and there are niche products for fruit and vegetable growers as well as amenities.

Susan Wilson can be contacted as follows:

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