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Ai Services (NI) Ltd was established on 1st October 1988, taking over the provision of the artificial insemination function previously operated by the Department of Agriculture. Our primary focus is to supply an efficient and effective A.I. service to livestock producers throughout Northern Ireland.

We also provide a comprehensive product range across all sectors of the beef and dairy market. Semen used in the service is either produced at our own EU export approved Stud and Laboratory, or imported from our international Partners. Sales of high quality semen to service users and D.I.Y operators has developed to be a very important part of our business. All semen collected in our EU approved Stud is eligible for export to EU, however further tests can be carried out to allow for semen to be exported worldwide, with semen previously having been exported around the world to as far as New Zealand, Canada, North America and Australia.

As well as our A.I. Technician service and semen sales, the Company also offers semen collection (on farm or on stud), breeding / sire selection advice, cattle pregnancy scanning, liquid nitrogen delivery, DIY A.I. courses, embryo transfer services, provision of training courses such as suckler cow fertility and antimicrobial resistance workshops, and delivery of Government programmes promoting knowledge transfer and peer to peer learning, including support to Business Development Groups on behalf of CAFRE.

The animal genetics business worldwide has seen exciting changes over recent years. Since the formation of our business, the Company has grown with these changes into one that is sound, profitable, and willing to embrace change.

Ai Services (NI) Ltd is also the majority shareholder in Eurogene-Ai Services (Ireland) Ltd, based in Cahir, Co Tipperary, which is one of Ireland’s largest bovine genetics companies. AI Services is a trusted farmer-owned company with 5 corporate Agri-sector shareholders and approximately 2,500 farmer shareholders who can benefit from a 2.5% discount on all trading accounts.  We are keen to attract farmers to become shareholders in the Company, and invite any farmers trading with us to apply if they are not already members.

Contact details are as follows: AI Services (NI) Ltd

Ballycraigy, 671 Antrim Road, Newtownabbey BT36 4RL

Tel: 028 9083 3123



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