Coronavirus (COVID-19): Movements to undertake work during lockdown

The UFU have received reports of police questioning agriculture employees travelling to their place of work and farmers who must commute to undertake farm-related tasks.

The UFU advises all members who need to travel off farm to undertake any farm-related duties, to carry a form of identification that will certify that their journey is in relation to essential farm work. This type of identification could be a letterhead, business card or other paperwork relating to your farm business. This is particularly important if travelling by ferry, as well as by road.

The UFU have worked with other industry partners so that all essential workers in the food chain can travel to their workplace. We have produced pro-forma letters for agri related businesses to issue to employers whose commute to work is essential.

Please click below to download the letter template. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Movements to undertake work during lockdown letter template