Biome Connect become corporate partner of UFU

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) is pleased to reveal their new partnership with Biome Connect, who have become a new corporate member. Biome Connect aim to provide sustainable and innovative products, together with solutions, to reduce cost, reduce emissions and improve soil biome. They serve all commercial regenerative and organic aspects of the agricultural and horticultural sectors. They also work in collaboration with the Agriton group.

Mal Hughes said, “We are delighted to have joined the UFU as a corporate member and are looking forward to developing our relationship further. Farm and horticultural practices are changing from conventional methods to new and innovative methods. We understand the importance of having sustainable farming practices while reducing the impact traditional methods can have on the environment. At Biome Connect, we believe by maximising on farm resources we can reduce the need for environmentally damaging and expensive farm inputs to create a regenerative and profitable agricultural industry.

“Biome Connect are currently working with Foyle Food Group on the Bokashi process for a farm sustainability project. The overall aim is to improve the environmental footprint by reducing carbon emissions release by the current processes. By using the bokashi system, Foyle will reduce carbon loss, build soil fertility and carbon stocks within the soil and reduce the overall fertiliser cost. An added bonus of introducing Actiferm to the livestock housing is its ability to capture nitrogen with the FYM and also suppress disease through competitive exclusion in turn improving the overall living environment within the livestock house.”

Biome Connect are happy to speak to any UFU members who want to find out more about the services that they offer and how it can benefit your business. A video is available on the UFU website, click here to provide more information on Biome Connect and give an insight into what they do.