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GAA on board to promote and encourage Farm Safety
Ulster Farmers’ Union President Ian Marshall has led a delegation from the Farm Safety Partnership to meet with Ulster GAA President Martin   Read More.....
Created: 05/03/2015 15:19:15

UFU Call for UK Government support on a review of dairy intervention price levels
Ulster Farmers’ Union Dairy Policy Committee Chairman Jonathan Moore, Vice Chairman William Irvine and Senior Policy Officer Chris   Read More.....
Created: 05/03/2015 14:34:07

UFU welcomes DETI Minister Grid Summit announcement
The Ulster Farmers’ Union has welcomed DETI Minister Arlene Foster’s announcement during question and answer time at the Northern Ireland   Read More.....
Created: 05/03/2015 10:40:52

New fuel marker dye aims to banish fuel fraud
From the 1st April 2015 the UK and Irish Governments will bring in a new product, produced by Dow Chemical Company, to mark rebated fuels,   Read More.....
Created: 03/03/2015 14:37:56

UFU welcomes BBCNI’s announcement on farming news coverage
Following BBCNI’s announcement of its plans for agriculture coverage, Ulster Farmers’ Union President Ian Marshall has said that farmers   Read More.....
Created: 03/03/2015 14:37:08

Official Brucellosis Free status within NI’s grasp
The Ulster Farmers’ Union has welcomed the announcement from Agriculture Minister Michelle O’Neill that there has not been a case of Brucellosis   Read More.....
Created: 03/03/2015 14:36:27