County Down

  • Safe Use of Pesticides - 28th November 2022

UFU members price £125 inc VAT

Non-member price £153.75 inc VAT

1 day + 1 hr assessment

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  • Boom Spraying  - 29th & 30th November 2022

UFU members price £275 inc VAT

Non-member price £337.50 inc VAT

1 day + 2.5 hr assessment 

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Rodent Control -   UFU price £118.75 inc VAT (non discounted price £143.75 inc VAT)

1 day course

  • Understand your responsibilities under the law and help you become a safe and competent biocide user
  • Interpret and use product label information
  • Store and transport biocides safely
  • Dispose of biocides and containers safely
  • Record information correctly
  • Identify rats and mice and the typical symptoms of damage caused
  • Identify non-target species
  • Identify the degree and source of an infestation
  • State the legislative obligations and responsibilities relevant to the control of rats and mice
  • Describe the lifestyle, habits and habitats of rats and mice
  • Plan, implement and monitor an effective control programme for rats and mice
  • Select and carry out the most appropriate methods of rat and mouse control, in line with current legal guidelines and recognised good practice
  • Understand the effect rodent control can have on the environment and ensure risks to non-target animals are minimised.

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Woodchipper  UFU price £118.75 inc VAT (non discounted price £143.75 inc VAT)

Areas covered on this course are :

  • Produce a site-specific risk assessment for wood chipping operations
  • State the principles of Health and Safety Executive legislation and safety guidelines for using a woodchipper
  • Select the appropriate personal protective equipment and state the maintenance requirements
  • Carry out operator checks and identify the safety features of a woodchipper
  • Carry out routine operator maintenance
  • Inspect and identify defects on the blades
  • Prepare machine prior to operation, start the machine, carry out safety checks and stop machine
  • Prepare a work area and a range of materials for chipping and identify hazardous materials not to be chipped
  • Use approved techniques to chip woody brash and both short and long sections of timber safely and effectively
  • State the procedure for removing blockages
  • State the safety and environmental factors associated with the disposal of woodchips and the various end uses of woodchips
  • Prepare machine for transport and storage.

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Hand Held Applicator / Knapsack- UFU price £175.00 inc VAT (non discounted price £210 inc VAT)

(please note - Safe use of pesticides must be completed before booking this course)

Course will cover the following areas:

  • Basics of spray application
  • Hygiene and personal protective equipment
  • The working principles of a knapsack
  • Preparation of the applicator for work
  • Nozzles
  • Calibrating a knapsack
  • Mixing, filling and site work
  • Calibration – concentration method
  • Decontamination, tank washing, and storage.




Telehandler Course - UFU price £204 inc VAT (non-discounted price £246 inc VAT)

This course is suitable for those with some experience in operating this type of machinery.

  • 1 day course

Areas covered on this course are :

  • Prepare the various lift trucks for driving or manoeuvring by:
  • Having site safety awareness
  • Identifying basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges
  • Identifying and complying with the  manufacturer’s operator’s manual (MOM) and other information sources, such as rating plates and applicable regulations
  • Carrying out all pre-use and running checks
  • Configuring the lift truck for travel
  • Placing the lift truck in an out-of-service condition.
  • Operate, move or manoeuvre the lift trucks:
  • Both with and without a load
  • In confined areas using forward and reverse direction, with and without a load.
  • Select, transfer and position loads using a lift truck by:
  • Setting up the lift in order to lift various loads
  • Lifting various loads within the full working range of the lift truck
  • Ensuring load integrity and security
  • Transporting loads
  • Placing and retrieving loads accurately at various places
  • Placing and retrieving loads from a vehicle bed or trailer
  • Keeping within safe working parameters
  • Operating with bulk loads
  • Explaining the loading and unloading procedure, on and off a transporter.
  • Load and unload a container, vehicle, vessel or craft using a reach lift truck
  • Place and retrieve loads from a vehicle bed or trailer
  • Undertake post-operational checks on a lift truck



Hand Held Hedge Trimmer UFU price £118.75 inc VAT (non discounted price £143.75 inc VAT)

Course content includes:

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • produce a site-specific risk assessment for hedge trimmer operations
  • identify the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required
  • identify the health and safety features required on a hedge trimmer
  • identify defects on a hedge trimmer and decide which the operator can remedy and which require a service engineer’s attention
  • correctly carry out all routine maintenance in accordance with the machine manufacturer’s information and/or this workbook
  • prepare the hedge trimmer for use with the correct fuel/oil mix
  • start the hedge trimmer from both hot and cold start in a safe manner
  • state the possible hazards/risks when carrying out maintenance or operational tasks
  • maintain the hedge trimmer in a safe and efficient working condition
  • adjust the hedge trimmer for safe and comfortable operation where a harness is used
  • operate the hedge trimmer in a safe manner, having regard for the safety of the public, property and environmental factors
  • organise the site and use a systematic method of working where possible


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