'Unlock your Herd's Potential' Dairy conference - Guest speaker profile

Friday, 25 October, 2019

Unlock Your Herd’s Potential – Dairy conference

Lloyd Holterman, Rosy Lane Holsteins, Wisconsin

Rosy-Lane’s vision is: Great people. Great cows. Great returns.  

Lloyd and his wife Daphne have grown the Rosy-Lane herd from 80 cows to the current 1,070 cows, plus young stock, during the past 38 years. They farm 1,750 acres, planted in corn, alfalfa and some grass for forage. 

Two unrelated younger partners who have been involved in the business for a number of years, Tim Strobel and Jordan Matthews, are also buying into the farming operation. 

Lloyd has placed great emphasis on breeding and has selected bulls for fat, protein, calving ease, somatic cell count, daughter pregnancy rate, livability and productive life. This strategy has led to a healthier, more profitable herd with no antibiotics being administered to the milking herd for the past 65 months. 

'Unlock your herd’s potential' is a conference for dairy farmers organised by CAFRE, Dairy UK and the UFU. The conference is taking place on Tuesday 19th November at Greenmount Campus and Wednesday 20th November at the Silverbirch Hotel, Omagh. Tickets cost £20 (booked before 8th November). For more details visit www.ufuni.org/events.

Lloyd Holterman, Rosy Lane Holsteins, Wisconsin