Ulster Farmers’ Union Launch 2014 Cereal Competition

Saturday, 24 May, 2014

UFU Watch

This week, Ulster Farmers’ Union Deputy President Ivor Ferguson and Seeds and Cereals Chairman Gerald Erwin officially launched the UFU’s 2014 Cereal Competition. The annual competition which is held each year is a great opportunity for leading cereal growers across Northern Ireland to show case their talent and celebrate the excellence that’s within the cereals industry.

UFU Deputy President Ivor Ferguson said; “We are excited to be running the Annual Cereals Competition this year again.  The competition is recognised as a prestigious event for local cereal growers and provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the talent of growers and their contributions to the industry. We have a well-established cereals industry here in Northern Ireland, which produces high quality cereals that are equal to the best across the British Isles. There is also a wealth of expertise within the industry, which deserves to be recognised and is demonstrated by the quality of competition entries we receive every year and the high standard of the winners.

“We are also delighted to be working with competition sponsors Bayer Crop Science, Clarendon Agri-Care, Joseph Morton Ltd, ORIGIN NI and BASF, and Syngenta again this year. The sponsors’ continued commitment to the cereals industry is evident in their valued support of this competition and we are thrilled to have them on board.”

Categories for the 2014 Cereal Competition include: Winter Barley (sponsored by Bayer Crop Science and Joseph Morton Ltd); Oat (sponsored by Syngenta); Winter Wheat (sponsored by Clarendon Agri-Care and Bayer Crop Science) and Spring Barley (sponsored by ORIGIN NI and BASF).     

The competition is open to UFU members across Northern Ireland and those interested in entering should contact their local UFU Group Office for more details.