UFU welcomes increase in advance payments

Friday, 5 October, 2018

The Ulster Farmers’ Union says it is good news for farmers that the rate of advanced CAP payments for 2018 will be set at 70 per cent. UFU president, Ivor Ferguson says, “This will help with cash flow pressures on farms as we head into the winter months, when input costs on farms rise.”

The comments were made following DAERA's confirmation of the advanced payment rate and marks the third consecutive year DAERA have been able to make advanced payments in October.

Mr Ferguson says, “We’ve had a mixed year weather wise, which has come after a number of wet years. It started out wet but in many areas, a dry spell during the summer months helped give a boost to many farm businesses. While in other areas, the hot, dry weather posed many challenges. The advanced payments in October will help ease some of the cash flow pressure for many farm businesses.”