UFU Welcome EU nomination of Phil Hogan as Agriculture Commissioner

Wednesday, 10 September, 2014

Ulster Farmers’ Union President Ian Marshall has welcomed the selection of Phil Hogan as European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development and is looking forward to working with him closely on a number of important issues.

President Ian Marshall said: “In the past we have successfully developed solid working relationships with the EU Agricultural Commissioners and many have even taken the opportunity to visit Northern Ireland to see first-hand the challenges that are faced by NI farmers. This should be much easier for a Commissioner who comes from Ireland and we have already extended an invitation to him to pay an early visit to the province.”

Ian continued: “There are a number of important issues ahead for the agriculture sector, including the future direction of the CAP, external trade talks, unnecessary bureaucracy, the operation of the food supply chain and climate change.  Through our Brussels office, we will work closely with Commissioner Hogan and his officials to secure strong support for NI farm families.  A key opportunity for us will also be to ensure that the mid-term review of the CAP is used to focus support on food production and the viability of productive farmers.”