UFU Watch - UFU encourage producers to be careful when registering commercial Angus cattle

Saturday, 4 April, 2015

UFU Watch 

The Ulster Farmers’ Union is encouraging producers to be careful when registering commercial Angus cattle. This follows an increase in the number of concerns raised by members currently finishing Angus cattle who have noted a hike in the number of cattle failing the DNA meat tests post slaughter. 

Finishers have noted that they have no issue with the procedures conducted for the DNA testing, rather their concern that some producers are registering calves as Angus without knowing the true genetics of the calf.  Where producers are unsure of the genetics of black calves they need to carefully consider how they intend to market these calves if they are being sold through the live ring.  Calves sold as being eligible for the Angus schemes which later fail DNA tests are costing finishers in the region of £120/head.  In some instances finishers are considering legal action against producers for the incorrect description of Angus that are being traded.  It is possible that in some circumstances there may be a breach of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as well as the Trades Description Act 1968.