UFU submit response to Consumer Council Draft Forward Work Programme 2017/18:

Wednesday, 15 February, 2017


The UFU says it supports the projects as set out in the draft Forward Work Programme and suggested the following issues to be considered for additional projects that would considerably benefit rural communities, businesses and consumers alike.  

1. BT customer service standard and speed of putting problems right

2. Accessibility of quality broadband, particularly in rural areas and

3. Country of Origin Labelling: Consumers are being misled with confusing and deceiving food labels. Food that has been secondary processed and using composite products are a particular concern.  Poor labelling threatens food traceability and credibility. The new Tesco ‘fictional’ farm brand, Denny’s brand and Coleraine brand are examples that we consider as misleading consumers and verge on being false advertising. The UFU noted that consumers are not being given accurate information in order to make informed purchasing decisions.

Read the UFU's full response here.