UFU remain concerned regarding Broiler Industry

Thursday, 25 April, 2013

Since the beginning of the year, the UFU have been contacted by farmers who grow broiler chickens for Moy Park raising their concerns about the difficulties which they were encountering. The UFU subsequently met with Moy Park and it was agreed that the specific issues would be addressed in discussions between Moy Park Management and internal broiler Committees. It was understood that these would have been concluded at this stage, but growers have again been in contact with us to highlight their concerns with the apparent delay in this process being concluded. 

UFU Deputy President Ian Marshall said; “When the Union met with Moy Park the issue was raised  that incomes have been extremely variable and that some farming families were struggling to meet financial commitments, we also stressed that this recent downturn in incomes had highlighted the lack of producer margin over the preceding months.”

The Union understands that within the past week both of Moy Park’s internal broiler Committees have met with management as was agreed.  These meetings have been regarded as constructive by the growers with much detailed discussion on the way forward for the industry and further meetings are planned.  The UFU are disappointed that there has been a delay in reaching an agreement but will  continue to work with these Grower Committees to ensure all possible action is being taken to reach a satisfactory solution. 

Ian Marshall continued; “It needs to be highlighted once again that grower’s incomes are totally unsustainable, we recognise that a temporary subsidy has been injected into the system by Moy Park, but more still needs to be done for growers.”