UFU MPI Latest

Thursday, 19 April, 2018

The latest MPI is 27.21 pence per litre (up from 26.85ppl).

There have been price increases across all dairy commodity markets this week. However the strength of sterling shielded what should have been more significant gains for the Index.  DDB/ZuivelNL increased all dairy commodity prices, with butter seeing the largest rise, up by €450 to €5,550/tonne, up 13.40% in the last two weeks. 

WMP up €50 to €2,620/t, SMP (food) is up €20, SMP (feed) up €30 to and whey powder up €10/t.  In New Zealand, the GDT auction was up 2.7%. WMP up0.9% to an average price of US$3,311/tonne (highest price since May 2017), and SMP was up 3.6% at $1,913/t and cheddar was up 4.6% at $3,855/t.