UFU meets Jim Nicholson MEP

Friday, 14 July, 2017

The Ulster Farmers’ Union has met with Jim Nicholson MEP to discuss key concerns around the Brazilian meat scandal, the Mercosur trade negotiations and the potential impact of Brexit on live exports of cattle and sheep from Northern Ireland.  The UFU is concerned that the European Commission is continuing to pursue a free trade deal with the Mercosur trading bloc, particularly following the discovery of the Brazilian meat scandal earlier this year.  The United States Department of Agriculture recently banned all exports of fresh beef from Brazil to the USA and UFU believes that Europe must take similar action.  Also discussed at the meet were the live export trade considerations for cattle and sheep post Brexit.  The UFU believes that the continuation of the existing live export trade links are of paramount importance for the local livestock trade.


Pictured L-R is John Kennedy, UFU Hill Farming Chairman, Victor Chestnutt, UFU Deputy President, Barclay Bell, UFU President, Jim Nicolson, MEP and Crosby Cleland, UFU Beef and Lamb Chairman.