UFU meet Prime Minister on Brexit

Thursday, 12 September, 2019

The Ulster Farmers’ Union used a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week to once again stress that the UK must leave the EU with a deal, and to not do so, would have disastrous consequences for Northern Ireland’s agri-food industry.

The comments were made after the UFU attended a 10 Downing Street reception for NI businesses hosted by the prime minister.

UFU chief executive, Wesley Aston said, “The prime minister was receptive to our points. I reiterated our position that a no-deal Brexit would be the worst possible outcome for Northern Ireland’s farmers, devasting our industry and leaving us with long-lasting and far-reaching consequences. I stressed that farmers needed clarity around the UK’s exit from the EU sooner rather than later and that the prolonged uncertainty is having a negative impact on farm businesses.”

The UFU said the prime minister gave reassurances that there would be a UK wide deal agreed before the 31st October.

“It was reassuring and encouraging to hear the prime minister say he expects to secure a UK wide Brexit deal before the 31st October. However, we are acutely aware that despite parliamentary actions, a no-deal Brexit still remains a possibility. We have urged the prime minister to do everything he can to secure a deal and ensure a no-deal Brexit does not become a reality,” said Mr Aston.