UFU encourages potato producers to secure a fair price for their produce as strong demand exits among consumers

Saturday, 26 October, 2013

UFU Watch 

Ulster Farmers’ Union potato committee chairman Adrian Jamison is advising producers to market their produce strongly and is encouraging consumers to source our fine quality Northern Ireland potatoes as harvesting gets underway.   

Adrian Jamison said; “Northern Ireland agriculture needs a flourishing potato industry, growing high quality, fresh local produce and I am confident that there is a strong demand for this among consumers.   Sourcing local quality potatoes will not only give consumers value for their money but also an enjoyable eating experience.

“I would also like to encourage growers to be mindful of market conditions as their actions can influence general producer prices and that the opportunity exists for a strong market for good quality potatoes. Growers deserve a fair return for their potatoes, a return reflective of the time, effort and money put into producing them.  Production costs increase year on year and a need exists for returns above cost of production to be reflected at farm gate to safe guard the Northern Ireland potato sector and ensure the continued availability of high quality local potatoes for local consumers.”