UFU encourages NI consumers to buy local homegrown potatoes

Friday, 14 August, 2020

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) says retailers and consumers who purchase homegrown potatoes are supporting Northern Ireland (NI) farming and food production which is essential to safeguarding our local food security.

UFU potato chairman Robert Sibbett (Jnr) said, “Consumers who purchase local, new season potatoes are not only making a healthy food choice but can rest assure that they are getting high-quality products produced to some of the highest food standards in the world to feed their families with.

“We are all working towards a greener world and supporting NI farming and food production is something we can all do. By buying homegrown fresh and flavoursome produce such as potatoes, fruits and vegetables, consumers are helping to sustain our family-run farming businesses across the country and are supporting vital jobs in the rural economy.”

Local homegrown potatoes are renowned for flavour and the production process shortens the field to fork chain.

“NI potatoes are notorious for their flavoursome taste. They are fresher when they arrive in store because they have not travelled far. Local means fresh and the fresher the potato is the tastier it is. Local potatoes can be harvested on the farm one day and be in store the next. We are lucky to have an abundance of delicious local produce being grown right on our doorstep,” said Mr Sibbett.

There are many ways to cook potatoes such as boiling, roasting, steaming or chipped and they are perfect as part of a main dinner meal or a lighter lunch. However, no matter how they are cooked or consumed, the nutritional value remains.

“Potatoes are a starchy food. They contain a good source of energy, fibre, B vitamins and potassium, and we can also get vitamin C from potatoes highlighting the essential nutrients they provide by being a part of your daily diet.

“With so many benefits of potato production and consumption, it is vital that merchants, packers and consumers recognise the merits of supporting potato growers by offering and buying local quality potatoes in Northern Ireland,” said Mr Sibbett.