UFU encourages farmers to take advantage of free pest control scheme

Friday, 4 August, 2017


Ulster Farmers’ Union deputy president Ivor Ferguson is encouraging farmers in Northern Ireland to take advantage of a Pest Control Scheme run by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC NI) and the UFU.

Ivor Ferguson said; “The aim of this scheme is to help put farmers in touch with people who shoot so they can help reduce the damage being caused by pests. The pest control service which has been in operation since August 2011 is provided free of charge and has proved popular with both BASC and UFU members.”

Director of BASC NI Tommy Mayne said; “Pests can be a significant and costly problem for farmers and shooting is the most effective way of reducing the damage they cause. The BASC/UFU Pest Control Scheme provides a win-win situation for both shooters and farmers by giving BASC members access to new shooting opportunities and providing farmers with much needed help with pests that are damaging crops, taking livestock and spreading disease.

Farmers will also have peace of mind from knowing that BASC members are covered by BASC’s robust first resort insurance policy. The scheme is only open to BASC and UFU members and we would encourage all UFU members to spread the word about the free service that BASC members are providing to the farming community.”

If you participate in shooting, but you are not a BASC member, phone 028 9260 5050, visit the BASC website www.basc.org.uk or email nire@basc.org.uk to join.   Farmers who are not UFU members but want to take advantage of the scheme can join the UFU by phoning 028 9037 0222.  BASC NI will put UFU members in touch with their closest registered BASC members.