UFU concern at 2.5p/litre milk price gap

Tuesday, 31 July, 2018

UFU dairy committee chairman, William Irvine, says farmers are rightly concerned about the growing gap in base milk prices. “The fodder issue is on everyone’s mind. We are facing a potentially costly winter with more bought in feed, and need a strong cash flow now to prepare for that. The price disparity between local processors simply cannot be justified,” warns Mr Irvine.

The committee chairman and County Armagh dairy farmer says farmers receiving a milk price 2.5p/litre less than what others are being paid are automatically at a disadvantage. “Put simply, many farmers feel short-changed. What they see is one processor paying what the market is capable of delivering, while at the other end of the scale, others are seemingly dragging their heels. The reason for this disparity needs to be explained by these businesses, whose suppliers are becoming more and more disillusioned”.

The UFU says it is urging all dairy processors in Northern Ireland to pay what the market is returning. “Only then will local dairy farmers have a chance of tackling what could be a challenging autumn and winter,” says Mr Irvine.