UFU comment on the recent approval to export beef to the Philippines

Thursday, 10 August, 2017

If commenting on the announcement by DAERA on approval to export beef to the Philippines, please consider the following statement from the Ulster Farmers’ Union.

UFU deputy president Victor Chestnutt said “This is another positive development for the beef industry following the approval of BSE negligible risk status.  Access to a market where there is a strong demand for manufacturing beef has been a key objective for some time.  It will help add value to our beef. Balancing returns for the whole carcase, from steaks to cheaper cuts, maximises the return for processors and farmers.  The more markets we have to sell parts of the carcase not in demand in the UK, the more value we can add to our livestock.”

Mr Chestnutt added that the DAERA officials involved deserve credit for their efforts and have the full support of farmers in the continued pursuit of new markets.