UFU comment on EU Exceptional Aid (EAA) package payments

Thursday, 7 September, 2017

Responding to DAERA’s announcement on the payment rates for small dairy farmer scheme under the EU Exceptional Adjustment Aid (EAA)  UFU president Barclay Bell said, “We acknowledge that these payments are being made and any funding to farming is welcome. However, as we stated back in May when the DAERA decision to implement a scheme for small dairy farmers was announced, we were not consulted on how best to allocate the under spend from this EU emergency funding. If we had been given the opportunity we would have encouraged DAERA to target it more strategically. From the outset, we pushed for schemes that would deliver long term benefits across the industry, such as the BVD scheme, pig health, and soils sampling and it is good to see that these have been implemented. The Union does, however, recognise that the funds have to be spent by 30th September and we would rather see the funding utilised rather than risk it being lost.”