UFU 2013 Oats Competition Winner Announced

Saturday, 10 August, 2013

The Ulster Farmers’ Union, along with Oats competition sponsors Clarendon Agri-care and Bayer CropScience, are pleased to announce William Taylor from the North East Derry Group as the winner of the 2013 UFU Oats Cereal Competition.

Second place was awarded to William Russell from the North Tyrone Group and Richard Kane from the Mid Down Group came in third. 

The 2013 judging team included: Robin Bolton, CAFRE; Wendy Fearon, Clarendon Agri-care; and John McKee.

Speaking behalf of the judges Wendy Fearon, from sponsor Clarendon Agri-care, said; “We would like to congratulate all those who entered the competition this year for striving to achieve such a high standard in their crops.  With the difficult weather conditions earlier in the year, it was evident that the much needed good weather at the start of July helped bolster the oat crops. William Taylor's winning field had a high yield potential and is very free from disease, a testament to his dedication. In a close second and third place, William Russell and Richard Kane also had good yield potential and were just edged out by the winning field."

UFU President Harry Sinclair also congratulated William Taylor on winning the Oats Competition and said; “I’d like to thank everyone who entered the cereals competition this year.  There were a number of excellent crops grown, which I know made it very hard for the judges in selecting a winner.  I’d also like to thank competition sponsors Clarendon Agri-care and Bayer CropScience for their support and the UFU members and Group Office teams who made the competition possible.”

The awards for the Winter Barley, Oats, Winter Wheat and Spring Barely cereal competition categories will be officially presented at the 2013 UFU Cereal Competition Lunch hosted by the sponsors later this year.