Soil Management Event

Thursday, 2 August, 2018


UFU representatives attended CAFRE’s Sustainable Soil Management events. The Sustainable Soil Management events are the latest in a series of Farm Family Key Skills (FFKS) workshops for farmers, farm family members and employees. Due to the weather, conditions in recent years have taken their toll on soil conditions across the province. CAFRE provided information about soil management, with areas such as poaching, machinery damage, flooding, snow and drought all having an impact on sward quality.

Discussed at the event was the importance of soil structure and how to assess it. It was highlighted that a healthy soil is essential to ensure both high grass and crop yields and allow environmental protection through carbon sequestration. Also discussed was how to manage soil to avoid compaction through appropriate tyre selection and pressure settings, improving soil fertility, the correct choice, timing and use of subsoilers and methods of reseeding and choice of seeds mixtures. Following the discussion was an opportunity for visitors to speak with CAFRE advisers.