Slurry incidents on the rise

Thursday, 13 June, 2019

With no less than four slurry incidents, occurring across Northern Ireland in recent days UFU Deputy President Victor Chestnutt says he is “concerned that slurry continues to remain a major attribute to death on Northern Ireland farms to both livestock and farmers.  I would ask all farmers to ensure that they adhere to the slurry mixing code as promoted by the Farm Safety Partnership”

The slurry mixing code recommends that those individuals involved in the mixing of slurry:

  1. Keep children away from the area at all times when working with slurry
  2. Mix on a windy day
  3. Open all doors
  4. Take all animals out of the building before starting to mix slurry
  5. Use outside mixing points first
  6. If slats are removed, cover exposed areas of the tank beside the pump/mixer to stop anything falling in

Farmers should not re-enter the building to:

  • Start the pump/mixer
  • If at any time, you have to go into the building try to make sure that another adult knows what you are doing and can get help if necessary
  • If you have to re-enter to move the pump or change the direction of the pump, leave the building as soon as this is done, and do not go back in for as long as possible or at least 30 minutes
  • Mix slurry on a windy day
  • Open all doors
  • Take animals out of the building before commencing mixing
  • Use outside mixing points
  • Cover any exposed areas of the tank
  • Ensure that another adult is aware of your whereabouts

Mr Chesnutt concluded by saying, “by spending a little more time and taking extra care farmers can avoid a slurry incident becoming a reality on their farm. I appeal directly to all famers please do not underestimate the potential of slurry to kill on your farm.”