Rural crime

Monday, 6 April, 2015

Updated 13/04/2015

Rural crime continues to plague the countryside. In 2013, rural crime was up 15% from 2012 and cost an estimated £3.9million. Livestock, tractors, and tools were the most common items targeted in 2013. Being a victim of rural crime can have a devastating effects on a farm business and can leave farmers feeling distressed and vulnerable. Tackling rural crime remains a priority for the Union and we continue to work with a range of stakeholders including farmers, the PSNI, PCSPs, insurance companies, the Department of Justice on this important issue. 

Already, there are some good rural crime PSNI initiatives either under way or in development across Northern Ireland such as: trailer marking; rural text alert schemes; training for police officers; the Farmwatch scheme. But the UFU want to see more consistency in the PSNI’s approach to rural crime and to see a more joined up approach across Districts. We continue to work with PSNI on this.

We are also encouraging farmers to remain vigilant and there are simple things they can do to protect their property, livestock, machinery and equipment including:

  • reporting all incidences of theft and any suspicious behaviour to the PSNI.
  • ensuring premises are well lit.
  • ensuring gates and doors are securely locked.

Farmers can contact their local PSNI Crime Prevention Officer, who can visit the farm and help to identify ways to protect it.

The UFU also offers a range of security related affinity deals to our members such as: 20% the Cesar datatag; 15% off Tracker unit and installation; 10% discount on the Block Stem security device; and discounts on GuardCam and Mercury Solutions CCTV.