Northern Ireland Potato Industry Launch Generic Potato Marketing Campaign

Saturday, 6 December, 2014

UFU Watch

It was another successful conference for the potato sector at Potatoes 2014 held in CAFRE Greenmount.  NI potato campaign co-ordinator Ian Duff on behalf of the industry working group launched the NI generic potato marketing campaign.   Delegates noted why such a campaign was necessary to reverse the declining trend in potato consumption in Northern Ireland. 

UFU deputy president Ivor Ferguson said: “Potatoes 2014 was once again a huge success with producers, packers, and top industry representatives in attendance.  It was pleasing to see that this generic marketing campaign was well received by the majority of producers and packers and the industry are willing to work together on a campaign that will not only increase consumption but also promote local produce.

“I feel we have a very good product, and we just need to be more assertive and passionate about our spuds and educate the consumer of its versatility and healthy credentials.  I know we can develop a strong marketing campaign that will stimulate demand and put the humble spud back on our plates at meal times.  I am also pleased that this industry initiative has gathered traction so quickly and it gives us confidence to be in a position to report that some producers and packers have already submitted their voluntary contribution declaration.   With the support of financial voluntary contributions from growers, packers and Government we will be able to deliver a very positive and effective generic promotional potato campaign”.