New UFU E-Bulletin for members

Monday, 11 February, 2019

The Ulster Farmers’ Union has launched a new version of its weekly bulletin for members.  Its president, Ivor Ferguson, says the aim is to make it easier for members to know what the UFU is doing on the issues – big and small, political and practical – that affect the prosperity of farm businesses across Northern Ireland. 

“We have given the original weekly bulletin a complete overhaul and redesign with the single aim of making it easier to use.  We want information to be more accessible and easy to read on smartphones and tablets.  This is why it will come in the form of an e-mail, with the bulletin included in the body.  It can then be read easily anywhere – be that on the computer in the office or on the phone while having a break in the tractor.  This is about the UFU communicating more effectively what we do for all our members,” said Mr Ferguson.

The UFU president said it was important people were aware of what staff, the presidential team, committee chairs and members do.  “People obviously want value for their membership fee and I have no doubts that we deliver this.  The revamped e-bulletin will allow us to keep members informed.  Highlights include our top news stories and updates on current activities. Members will also hear first-hand of upcoming events and training the UFU offers,” said Mr Ferguson.

If you are a UFU member and wish to receive the weekly e-bulletin – contact your local group office or UFU Headquarters on 02890370222 to have your e-mail address added to the system.