Love Lamb Week: A great success for the Northern Ireland sheep industry

An eventful Love Lamb Week took place last week and according to organisers; the Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) and the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) it was a great success.

To encourage the general public to rediscover their love for lamb and purchase more Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQA) lamb, both LMC and UFU organised a week packed full of promotional work. This included three live cookery demonstrations and sampling sessions in Asda Antrim, Tesco Newtownbreda and at Belfast City Hall supported by engaging and informative content on social media.

Speaking about Love Lamb Week, LMC’s Education Services Manager, Cherrie Kenny said: “We’re delighted with how Love Lamb Week went, especially with the consumer engagement we received during our live cookery demonstrations and sampling sessions.

“Our mission was to show consumers how versatile, tasty and easy NIFQA lamb is to cook with. Furthermore, we wanted to educate consumers about what they should be looking for when purchasing lamb and to encourage them to support our local farmers.

“It was encouraging to see this high level of engagement with both LMC and the local farmers that were representing UFU and present on all three days of demonstrations. There was plenty of discussion and we were delighted to see consumers going straight to the lamb section of the meat aisle afterwards.

“It’s vitally important that consumers support our high quality NIFQA produce especially with the uncertainty of Brexit just over the horizon. We have quality produce on our doorstep and LMC will continue to encourage everyone to support our sheep industry going forward.”

UFU President, Ivor Ferguson said: “This is our third year taking part in Love Lamb Week and it is a campaign that local sheep producers have been keen on promoting.  Over the seven day period, the UFU along with LMC focused on promoting the concept of tasty, convenient and versatile lamb.

“We believe that the cookery demonstrations and sampling sessions has created an appetite for greater lamb consumption and it gave us as farmers the opportunity to engage with consumers and to emphasise that the purchasing of locally produced NIFQA lamb, helps in sustaining better prices for farmers and ensuring that we maintain a viable sheep industry.”