Lobbied successfully to secure an increase in the planning permitted agricultural development limits

Monday, 8 July, 2013

Update 22/04/15

The UFU had been lobbying for a permanent change to the maximum size of permitted agriculture buildings, increasing from 300m2 to 500m2, for some time. The change has meant that farmers are able to expand their farm businesses with our being unnecessarily restricted by planning rules and fees. The UFU considered the 300m2 limit to be restrictive, outdated and not reflective of modern, fit for purpose farm buildings. Whereas increasing the limit to 500m2 enables a farm business to evolve, become more efficient and continue to produce goods to high standard without being unnecessarily restricted by red tape.

For more information visit http://www.planningni.gov.uk/index/advice/advice_apply/advice_apply_farms/advice_farms_general.htm