Land & Property Services 2019-2020 Rates Bills

Friday, 5 April, 2019


Land & Property Services (LPS) have commenced the process of issuing rates bills for 2019-2020 to all domestic homeowners and commercial business owners in Northern Ireland.  The new bills will include an inflation plus 3% rise in the regional domestic rate for 2019-20 for domestic homeowners and a 1.8% increase in line with inflation for business or non-domestic rate bills.  Small business rate relief has been extended to include the 2019-20 year and will be automatically applied to all eligible non domestic rate accounts.

Domestic rate payers can avail of a 4% discount if they pay their bill in full on or before 10th May 2019 and a range of reliefs and entitlements are available to help ratepayers including Lone Pensioner Allowance, Rate Rebate etc.  Full details can be found at